di questi tempi

mostra per il progetto Grimmland al Goethe Institut, Roma. Fino al 24 novembre.


2 pensieri su “di questi tempi

  1. I am trying to reach the illustrator of this piece. I believe it’s Viola Niccolai. In this photo of the illustration being dislpayed, the illustration is titled “Hierin, Dahin und Dorthin”. I would love to purchase a print (copy) of this illstration. This picture has and deeply resonates with myself & two of my most treasured friends. Is there any way to purchase a copy of this illustration. Does anyone know how to reach the artist? So, the symbolism equals this for my and my two friends…in this picture Hierhin=Sophie (me)
    We were all once little sparrows with broken wings. We were broken and scared and a danger to ourselves if we continued to try to fly. So God saw his way to put us somewhere to protect us, protect us from ourselves and our stubborn will to try and fly with broken wings. he “caged” us, in love, with his grace until our wings healed. He kept us captive until he knew our wings were healed, until he knew that we were strong enough, always depending now on his will for us, to go out and enter the world again. So we three women are now strong women but we must take time to recognize and honor our once broken sparrows. Thank you for listening.


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